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First Books
The simplest & easiest books for new readers!
How to Teach Anyone to Read
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What makes First Step Phonics different from other early reader books?

First Step Phonics are the most simplified phonics products available anywhere! We searched exhaustively and were unable to find any early readers on the market with ALL of the following qualities:

  • Three-letter words only
  • No extra symbols
  • Very few words per page
  • Minimum use of sight words*
  • Grammatically correct sentences
  • Full-color, engaging illustrations
  • Simple stories with a plot and resolution

First Step Phonics Level 1 books have all of the above!

Why are these qualities important?

When extra punctuation or bigger words are added, the beginning reader can become confused and the task is made more difficult. Reading should be taught in baby steps, beginning with the sounds of individual letters, then eventually on to three-letter words. Once three-letter words are mastered, only then should new sounds be introduced.

Phonetics is a system of sounds for a particular language. This means understanding the sounds, rather than memorizing the words. The advantage of teaching with phonetics is that the reader will likely be able to sound out most unfamiliar words he or she encounters. Our books and workbooks are systematically laid out in a logical sequence to enhance the child’s ability to fully grasp each step before moving on to the next.

*Sight words are words which are not decodable and require memorizing, usually due to not following phonetic rules or containing sounds above the reader’s reading level.

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First Step Phonics

Christina, also known as @RootedHomelife, is an English teacher, turned stay at home homeschooling mom to five kids, who creates encouraging content and resources for families.

Check out what she has to say about First Step Phonics in this video!

Level 1, Set 1: Short A (5 books)
Level 1, Set 2: Short E (5 books)
Level 1, Set 3: Short I (5 books)

First Books


Most educators surveyed said that the two biggest barriers in teaching their students to read are:

Students are unable to overcome difficult materials. Materials don’t get and hold the new reader’s interest.

With FIRST BOOKS, reading an entire book is easier than ever! Your new readers learn each new sound gradually as they progress through the books in sequence. By the time they’ve read all the books, they’ve practiced every letter but Q!

With engaging illustrations and vivid color, your student is inspired to read all of the 13-book series!

These simple and engaging stories align with the Montessori Method of teaching to read.

The beginning of each of the First Books have a full color, simple pronunciation key (see picture).