Level 1: All 25 Books

$90.00 $94.75

Level 1 Phonics Books, the Complete Set: Includes all 30 short vowel, 3-letter word books. Buy all five early reader sets (25 books) together and get 5% off!

Level 1 focuses on stories with 3-letter words containing short vowels. Each book contains 16 pages of story (on rare occasions 15 pages).

First Step Phonics books are the only beginning reader books which have ALL of the following qualities:

  •     No words consisting of more than 3 letters
  •     Contain a minimum of sight words *
  •     Usually have only one short sentence per page
  •     No punctuation used other than periods
  •     All sentences are grammatically correct
  •     All stories have a plot and resolution
  •     Every page has fun, engaging, full color illustrations

*Sight words are words which do not follow phonetic rules, such as “to” or contain sounds above this level, such as the consonant blend in “and.”

Each book is 5.5 x 8.5 inches