Q: When will my product ship out?

A: All retail orders ship from our warehouse within 1-2 business days. If you’re in the U.S., your order should arrive in 5-8 business days.


Q: My order still hasn’t arrived and it’s been over a week. Can you check on it?

A: Check your tracking # that was included in the emailed receipt. Please wait another 24 hours after the stated arrival before contacting us at with your order number. We’ll look into it and get back to you as soon as we can.


Q: Do you ship outside of the US?

A: Yes, but the shipping cost will be extra and it will take longer for your order to arrive. At this time, international orders cannot be made through our website. Please call (818) 992-7372 or email



Q: Where else can I get First Step Phonics products?

A: At this time, our products are only available on Amazon and We are working on more marketplaces. Stay tuned!


Q: Can I call to place an order?

A: Absolutely! Our office hours are Monday through Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm Pacific Standard Time (excluding holidays). If no one answers, that means we’re busy handling other customers. You can leave a message or utilize the chatbox and someone will call you back as soon as they are available.


Q: Is there a store in my neighborhood where I can walk in and buy your products?

A: Not at this time. We are working on that!


Q: How can I order First Step Phonics products?

A: Order at or call 888-992-7323.



Q: Why should I choose First Step Phonics products?

A: Check out our video on our home page which explains why First Step Phonics is the most simplified phonics program available anywhere.


Q: Does level 1 really stick to three-letter words?

A: Yes, it does! All 30 stories in the Level 1 early-reader books are created with short vowels and limited to three-letter words (some words, such as the, of and to don’t follow rules but are included to make complete sentences possible).


Q: What makes First Step Phonics products better than the Bob Books and other popular reading products?

A: Our home page gives more information on our products and what sets First Step Phonics apart from anything else available. You can also watch our video on the home page which explains more about our products.


Q: Are the early-reader books illustrated in full color?

A: Yes! Every story has full color illustrations and engaging stories to inspire a child to keep reading!


Q: If I buy all your products, what will it cost?

A: The more you buy, the more discounts you get! Check out the prices for our bundles here.


Q: Is there a level for kids who don’t read at all?

A: Yes, check out the Level 0 workbooks 1 - 3 which provide worksheets on uppercase letters, lowercase letters and matching uppercase to lowercase letters, as well as the alphabet sequence. Workbooks 4 - 6 of Level 0 contain worksheets to help teach your student the sounds of the letters.


Q: Are these materials only for children?

A: First Step Phonics products are great for anyone beginning to read, regardless of age. They are also helpful for learning to speak and read English.


Q: What reading levels are these products?

A: First Step Phonics covers Pre-K through Grade 2.


Q: What words are covered on each level?

A: Level 0 covers the steps before learning words, such as the alphabet and the sounds to each letter. Level 1 focuses on blending two sounds and short-vowel three-letter words. Level 2 covers consonant blends, beginning with four-letter words and working up to six-letter words. Level 3 introduces long vowels via an E at the end of words. Level 4 works on a variety of vowel blends, such as AI, EE, OE, etc.


Q: How essential is phonics when learning to read?

A: Phonics is the system of sounds in a language. Children are frequently not taught the sounds and are instead taught to memorize words. Later, when they encounter similar letter combinations in unfamiliar words, they are unable to sound it out. Knowing the letters and combinations, and the sounds they represent, gives your student the ability to figure out unfamiliar words.




Q: How do I explain to my student that H is a consonant and not a vowel?

A: You can find an entire video devoted to why H is not a vowel at and click on the Videos tab.


Q: How young can my child start?

A: As young as he or she is ready. When they are ready depends on their attention span and their desire or motivation. Some are ready as early as three and some aren’t really ready until age six or later.


Q: Can I teach my child myself?

A: If you have the patience and can devote the time, yes. The rest depends on your teaching skills. You can start with the First Step Phonics teaching manual, How to Teach Anyone to Read. More tips and resources can be found on the Parents Resources tab of  

Q: What should my student do after finishing all 5 First Step Phonics levels?

A: Your student still has many things to learn, such as silent letters and multisyllable words. These later steps can be found in the teaching manual, How to Teach Anyone to Read.  


Q: Do you have any tips for new teachers?

A: Yes, be patient! Most students spend many hours (or years!) just to finally be able to read a three-letter word. Being impatient with a child only upsets a new reader and extends the time they take to learn. As for other tips and phonics steps, you can begin by watching our teaching videos on the Videos tab of Check out our Parent Resources tab and the teaching manual, How to Teach Anyone to Read.


Q: Are First Step Phonics materials suitable for non-English speaking adults or children?

A: Absolutely! If you’re working with someone who is learning English, reading phonetically can improve their reading as well as help them learn to pronounce words correctly.


Q: Can the pages in the workbooks be torn out?

A: The pages are not perforated. But you can use scissors to cut the pages or carefully tear them from the binding/spine.


Q: How can I determine my student’s current reading level and determine which product I need?

A: Please check out our video on assessing a student’s reading and remedying it or read the article here.


Q: What should I do if my student is having trouble with reading?

A: There is no simple answer to this question which is the reason Veronica Blade wrote the teaching manual, How to Teach Anyone to Read. Regardless of what your student is able to read, if they are having difficulty and/or are below grade level, then you can be sure they missed something along the way. You should start from the very beginning and check every phonics step. Address any issues that come up then test the student on the next step. Repeat this until the student has all the miscellaneous weak spots cleaned up. For more indepth information on determining what to do with your student, look for our video on the Videos tab that covers how to assess and remedy your student’s reading.


Q: When will my student be ready for the next level?

A: With experience comes judgement. Knowing when a student is ready to move to the next level is an ability that comes once you have some experience under your belt. More information, tips, suggestions and resources can be found in the teaching manual How to Teach Anyone to Read, on the Parent Resources tab or the Videos tab of


Q: How do I teach the sight words?

A: Repetition. The more they see the word, the quicker they will memorize it. You can use flash cards or just remind them when they encounter a word during reading.


Q: Can my student use these on their own?

A: This depends on each individual student and their attention span, etc. If your student is able to read the words in one of the books, then very likely they can read it on their own. On the workbooks, the directions are way above their reading level. However, once you explain the directions to your student, the student may be able to do the worksheets on their own.



Q: Do you have any free material?

A: Yes, we do! All the read-along videos are free to view on our website. You can also click on the Parent Resources tab for teaching tips, free downloadable worksheets, games and more!


Q: Are your videos on YouTube?

A: Yes, but you can also view them at under the Videos tab.


Q: Is there a video for every book?

A: At this time, we have read-along videos for many of the three-letter word stories in Level 1. Eventually, we will have a read-along video for all 85 of the First Step Phonics books. Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you get notified when new videos are uploaded.


Q: Do you have any alphabet sing-along videos?

A: Yes, and we have more alphabet videos coming soon!


Q: Do you sell wholesale?

A: Yes, please call or email us at to order bulk or wholesale.


Q: Do I need a resale license to buy wholesale?

A: Yes. We must receive a valid (and verified) wholesale permit before we are able to omit the sales tax.


Q: Can I get a bulk rate if I don’t have a resale license?

A: Yes, but as with any non-wholesale order, we will add sales tax to the cost of the order.



Q: Do you offer military, law enforcement, senior citizen, AAA or any other discounts?

A: At this time, we do not offer any discounts other than free shipping on orders over $50, as well as discounts on bundles, bulk or wholesale.


Q: Do you offer discounts for schools, daycares, etc?

A: Any discounts are dependent on the number of items ordered. Please call or email the office for more information.


Q: In which country are you located?

A: Crush Publishing, Inc. and First Step Phonics are based in Nevada, U.S.A.


Q: How soon will the “out of stock” items be available?
A: Many of the later levels of products are still being designed and created. We expect our out of stock products to be available by the end of 2024. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates on new products, videos, tips and more!