How to Teach Anyone to Read

Format: Paperback

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You can teach just about anyone to read with this commonsense, step-by-step manual!

Using a logically organized phonics program, your student can realize his or her true potential faster. When beginner readers grasp every step thoroughly before being introduced to the next level, they are less likely to become confused.

How to Teach Anyone to Read provides each baby-step to successfully guide your student into reading with confidence.  For instance, focusing on short vowels and letting the student master that before introducing vowel blends (ee, ai, ou, oi,  etc.) gives your student the chance to build their awareness of sounds slowly but surely.

How to Teach Anyone to Read utilizes the above principles and explains many steps in between. Also included in the manual are preparation tips to get the most from each lesson, as well as suggestions on supplementary activities and games to balance out the curriculum.


Use the following First Step Phonics books and workbooks to maximize your results:

Level 0: 6 workbooks devoted exclusively to the alphabet sequence, upper and lowercase, and consonant sounds.

Level 1: 25 books (5 for each short vowel) and 5 workbooks concentrating on only three-letter words.

Level 2: 25 short vowel books and 5 workbooks focusing on consonant blends, beginning with the simplest 4-letter words (back, well) and progressing to double consonants (fast, bump) then working up to more complex consonant blends (scrimp, thrash).

Level 3: 5 books and 1 workbook dedicated to words with E at the end, such as tape or cute.

Level 4: 25 books and 5 workbooks concentrating on words with vowel blends, such as ee, ou, oo, oi, etc.


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