Level 3, Set 1: E at the end of words to make a long vowel sound (5 books)


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Level 3 focuses on long vowel sounds, specifically adding E at the end of words. Each book contains 16 pages of story (on rare occasions 15 pages).

  • The books in Level 3 contain a minimum of sight words *
  • Each page has only one or two short sentences.
  • No punctuation used other than periods.
  • All sentences are grammatically correct.
  • All stories have a plot and resolution.
  • Every page has fun, engaging, full color illustrations.

*sight words are words which do not follow phonetic rules, such as “to” or "of."

Set 1 includes 5 books with stories using words that end in E to make long vowel sounds, such as mule, rope and cake. These words are an easy introduction to other long vowel sounds, like EE, AI, IE, etc.

  • Jane and the Cake
  • Mike and the Prize
  • Cole and the Mole
  • Kate and the Mule
  • Pete and Nate

Product size is 5.5 x 8.5 inches.



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