We hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

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Celebrating parents for National Parents as Teachers Day

Long before schools existed, parents provided their children’s education. When handling the academic aspects of life grew less common, parents still taught so many other things.

We’ve made our list of parents’ contributions and wanted to share.

Our parents taught us:

— to appreciate the value of family

— to be frugal and not waste

— to work hard for what we want

— to observe and learn from others

— to love animals

— to love our fellow human

— to laugh every chance we get and to cry when needed

— to treat others as we want to be treated

— how to be kind and generous

— how to be a good parent

— perseverance

— how to love unconditionally

— to be honesty and own up to our mistakes

— to pay it forward when we can and help others just because 

— it takes a village to raise a child

— to forgive when we can

— that your actions are more powerful than words

— to be thankful for what we have and not to dwell on what we lack


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Getting ready for the holiday season!

The day after Thanksgiving is generally considered the first day of the holiday season. But for folks like us here at First Step Phonics, today is the unofficial first day of the Holidays. If you’re like us and you’re already putting together your list of who’s been naughty and who’s been nice, and planning early, here is the deal for you! 

Get your favorite new reader the gift of reading with First Books. Or, if your new reader is slightly more advanced, but still needs practice reading three-letter words, try our Level 1 readers which are longer stories.

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Halloween Flash Sale!

Are you haunted by uninterested students? Are they ready to give up the ghost?

After going to bat for your students,
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 magic potion to get past the black cats and learning roadblocks?

Is your student a zombie after trying to get through BOOks that are just too difficult?

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We make no
 bones about First Step Phonics being the simplest reading program available anywhere!

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Free Halloween worksheets!🎃

We hope you love Halloween as much as we do - because we’re offering free Transitional Kindergarten Halloween worksheets! Click the image above to download, print and enjoy!

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We’re treating you ALL month long!

No tricks, just treats! We are treating you for the entire month of October with 10% off all products!
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It’s National Care For Kids Day

In honor of National Care For Kids Day, we wanted to give you a brief history on how this day came to be recognized on September 20.

It’s a relatively new National Day, only just recognized in 2021. The original intention was to create awareness of the importance of providing a safe environment for children. This means protecting them from harm, such as mental or physical abuse. Protecting and supporting children also includes helping them find happiness as well as assisting with adequate education, good health and basics, such as sanitation and clean water. Other factors that allow a child to grow and blossom could include exposure to sports, art and books.

As parents and educators, we know you work each day toward the goals of National Care For Kids Day and we salute you for all the time and care you’ve given every child. Thank you!
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It’s National Positive Thinking Day!

They have a day for everything, don’t they?

We particularly like this one because positivity has been proven to be beneficial in one’s life. Negativity promotes stress while positivity translates into greater potential for happiness.

But when barriers become insurmountable, happiness seems unattainable. This is especially true when studying and learning since the ability to get a great education can determine whether a child will be successful or is doomed to a life of struggle. The more one struggles, the more difficult it is to keep up morale and then negativity creeps in.

The solution? Recover your student’s learning potential by reviewing every little step from the beginning. It may require time and effort, but by reviewing each small step, you’re bound to find what was missed and have the opportunity to show them the light at the end of the tunnel and eventually revitalize their love of learning.

How to Teach Anyone to Read is a manual that provides each baby-step which empowers you to help students who just can’t seem to overcome their trouble spots.

You CAN help your student read better and they CAN be helped!
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Happy World Literacy Day!

Literacy scores have decreased over the decades and for most educators, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to help struggling readers overcome obstacles.

New readers shouldn't have to struggle. Learning shouldn't be such a chore.

At First Step Phonics, our mission is to increase literacy. We do this by creating the simplest materials possible so every single step can be fully conquered. We don't have anything in the stories that could possibly trip up your student, which provides them the simplest path to reading.

Our materials truly are the simplest phonics materials available anywhere!
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Today is National Read a Book Day!

With First Books, it’s easier than ever for even the newest reader to finish an entire book by themselves.

First Books, Book #1 utilizes only five sounds. Your student doesn’t need to know the names of the letters or the alphabet sequence. They only need to know the sounds of A, N, R, S and T to read the whole book! New sounds are added gradually with each new book as they work their way to book #13 and when they’ve finished all of them, they’ve practiced every letter but Q.

This accomplishment helps build confidence and inspires them to keep reading. Soon, they really will be reading a book a day!
First Books workbooks are coming soon!
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