Level 1, Set 3: Short I (5 books)


Level 1 focuses on stories with three-letter words containing short vowels. Each book is 8.5 x 5.5 inches and contains sixteen pages of story (on rare occasions fifteen pages).

First Step Phonics books are the only beginning reader books which have ALL of the following qualities:

  •     No words consisting of more than three letters
  •     Contain a minimum of sight words *
  •     Usually have only one short sentence per page
  •     No punctuation used other than periods
  •     All sentences are grammatically correct
  •     All stories have a plot and resolution
  •     Every page has fun, engaging, full-color illustrations

*Sight words are words which do not follow phonetic rules, such as “to” or contain sounds above this level, such as the consonant blend in “and.”

SET I includes 5 books focusing on the short I sound.

  1. Gil and the Pig
  2. Jim and the Fig
  3. A Wig in a Bin
  4. Liz Can Win
  5. Tim is a Vet