Level 2, Set 5: Three-consonant Blends (5 books)


Level 2 focuses on consonant blends, using only short vowels.

  • Set 1 includes 5 books using 4-letter words that have only 3 sounds, such as kiss, well, pass, fizz, peck, etc.
  • Set 2 keeps to 4-letter words, but adds an additional sound at the end, such as fast, soft, belt, lump, etc.
  • Set 3 deals with 2-letter consonant blends in the beginning of words, such as stop, fled, clap, black, etc.
  • Sets 4 & 5 gradually work up from words like blimp and plant to 3-letter consonant blends like squish, branch and thrust.

Level 2 focuses on consonant blends, using only short vowels. Each book is 8.5 x 5.5 inches and contains 16 pages of story (on rare occasions 15 pages).

  • The books in Level 2 contain a minimum of sight words *
  • Each page has only one or two short sentences.
  • No punctuation used other than periods.
  • All sentences are grammatically correct.
  • All stories have a plot and resolution.
  • Every page has fun, engaging, full color illustrations.
*sight words are words which do not follow phonetic rules, such as “to” or "of."


Set 5 includes 5 books and focuses on three-consonant blends in the beginning and end of words, such as squish, thrust and branch.

  1. Mitch and Patch
  2. Quin and the Squid
  3. Thad and the Itch
  4. Seth Can Camp
  5. Trish and Blanch

Product size is 5.5 x 8.5 inches.