Tired of your new readers losing interest in reading?

We are too!

So we created a solution.

The majority of children lose interest in reading for two reasons:

  • The books fall flat and can't hold the child's attention.
  • The materials are just too hard and they give up on trying.

To solve both of those problems, we created the simplest and cutest stories possible. Most other early readers have multisyllable words, long vowels, and more complex punctuation. Even the simplest three-letter-word readers have too many words on each page. There are no other books on the market that use only short-vowel three-letter words and also have full-color illustrations!

We keep it simple, so your little ones don’t get discouraged!


We begin at the beginning with
First Books

13 short-vowel three-letter-word early readers slowly introduce each new sound and provide practice for every letter in the alphabet, except Q.  2 coordinating workbooks help the reader prepare for each book.

First Books, book 7: Cam and Mac

Order First Books here!



For K-1, try Level 1

Early readers that contain only short-vowel 3-letter words (30 reading books plus 5 workbooks)

Level 1, Set 2, Book 3: Len and the Hen

Order the Level One Books here!

Veronica Blade