Frustrated getting kids to read? Use our magical full-color readers to save the day!

We want to get you out of the cycle of frustration by helping you with students who struggle with reading.

  • Bright colors will catch a curious kid’s attention. Studies show that colors can be key tools to aid in learning and development (read the study here). Yet no early readers exist that stay faithful to only three-letter words and also have full-color-illustrations… until now.
  • First Step Phonics stays true to three-letter, short-vowel words and they have very few words per page. Also, our stories have short sentences to match their short attention spans. Our readers are the easiest books available anywhere!

With sentences so easy, your new reader is less prone to getting discouraged and giving up.

The cute, colorful illustrations can help your new reader learn faster and stay motivated to keep reading!

For Pre-K to K, start with
First Books

13 short-vowel three-letter-word early readers slowly introduce each new sound and provide practice for every letter in the alphabet, except Q.  2 coordinating workbooks help the reader prepare for each book.

First Books, book 6: The Pig

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For slightly more advanced beginner readers who are still working on three-letter words, order our longer three-letter-word books!


Level 1

30 early-reader books containing 16-page stories using short-vowel 3-letter words. This level includes 5 coordinating workbooks.

Level 1, Set 5, Book 2: A Bug on a Mug

Order the Level One Books here!

Veronica Blade