Happy National Book Lovers Day!

Help your little Book Lover enjoy National Book Lovers Day in style with beautiful stories they can actually read themselves! 
While our higher-level readers are not yet available, we do have 68 of the lower-level books ready now!
Level 1 covers short-vowel, three-letter words. These books are easy to read with usually only one sentence per page and only 16 pages long. (25 books)
Level 2  gradually adds consonants to work up to three consonants in a row, such as string and branch. (25 books)
Level 3 adds an E at the end of words to make a long vowel sound, such as snake and paste. (5 books)
And then, of course, we have our best-selling set of early readers that are even easier than Level 1 and have fewer pages per book. These little stories make it easier than ever for a new reader to read an entire book themselves!

First Books™ short-vowel early-reader books that slowly introduce each new sound and provide practice for every letter in the alphabet, except Q. (13-book set)

*Offer valid on in-stock items only. Offer expires August 31st at midnight  PST.

Veronica Blade