Celebrating parents for National Parents as Teachers Day

Long before schools existed, parents provided their children’s education. When handling the academic aspects of life grew less common, parents still taught so many other things.

We’ve made our list of parents’ contributions and wanted to share.

Our parents taught us:

— to appreciate the value of family

— to be frugal and not waste

— to work hard for what we want

— to observe and learn from others

— to love animals

— to love our fellow human

— to laugh every chance we get and to cry when needed

— to treat others as we want to be treated

— how to be kind and generous

— how to be a good parent

— perseverance

— how to love unconditionally

— to be honesty and own up to our mistakes

— to pay it forward when we can and help others just because 

— it takes a village to raise a child

— to forgive when we can

— that your actions are more powerful than words

— to be thankful for what we have and not to dwell on what we lack


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Veronica Blade